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Photo of Tracy Harrison

Tracy D. Harrison
Founder & Executive Director, CHW-VPP

Tracy D. Harrison is a Motivational Speaker. She is also the founder of KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF ME INC, a nonprofit organization established to allow molestation survivors to heal in a safe space while unraveling their trauma. She is deeply dedicated to bringing awareness to how important it is to walk in your truth as you embark on your healthy healing journey. Tracy is also the CEO of Tribalz Fragrances & Cultural Shop. She has successfully accomplished over 20 years as a cosmetologist. She is dedicated to helping communities grow an allowing each individual to find their inner strength. She loves traveling and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

"Sometimes, the obstacles become larger than we can handle alone. It's okay to get help. It's okay to need help. You'll make it through. Keep the attitude of fighting for each day, because victory is coming." - Tracy D. Harrison

Photo of Tracie Matthews

Tracie Matthews
Program Coordinator, CHA

Tracie Matthews is originally from Upstate NY and has been in North Carolina since 2001. She has been a peer counselor since middle school and has three degrees (pre psychology, sociology and social work.) She has experience as a medical office manager, medical biller, mental health therapy assistant, customer service senior representative/coordinator and in ministry. Helping others be the best version of themselves is intrinsic to her nature.


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